MEPCO Online Bill | How to Check, Print and Download Your Bill
Everything You Need To Know About MEPCO Online Bill – Full Details

MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company. It is an electric distribution company which supplies electricity to different districts that comes in Multan region. MEPCO has the official licensee by the NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) for distribution of electricity. It seems too much difficult to stand in a queue and wait for your turn for paying bill. To avoid this problem MEPCO design its Web Billing system for checking your MEPCO Online Bill from the site. You can view, print and download your bill via this link. Your MEPCO consumer bill contains details of your monthly electricity consumption and the resulting total cost.

Details of MEPCO Online Bill about Checking, Printing & Downloading

The process of getting the duplicate bill is very easy and simple. Just simply try these simple steps from your home or office and get your bill in few minutes. In order to get the duplicate bill of MEPCO for the previous month you are only required to provide the following details:

• First of all go to the web browser that you frequently used as Google, Firefox etc.
• Open the official website of MEPCO or paste this site.
• After this go to link for checking your bill site.
• After clicking this link the following page would be load.
• This page is the online web portal for the consumers to check their online bills.
• Enter your 14 digit numeric reference number without spaces for checking your electric bill.
• After entering the 14 digit reference number click on Submit Button for further procedure.

For more details, check the link-

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